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Mina Agnos

Mina’s travels have taken her around Italy where she has hand chosen hotels, met local representatives and assembled a team of local guides.  All are combined to create exceptional lifetime experiences for Travel2Italy guests. Mina is listed on Travel + Leisure Magazine’s A-List: World's Top Travel Agents and has received several awards and press for her contribution in the travel industry.

Position: Co-Founder - Vice President, Sales and Client Services
I am From: Kansas City, Missouri USA
Education: MA in Tourism Management, New York University
Honors & Awards: Travel + Leisure (US Ed) A-List: World's Top Travel Agents PhocusWright's 2010 Top 35 Travel Professionals
Interests: Italian Culture and Experience, UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Italy, Italian Food and Wine, Spa, Beaches, City Sightseeing

Marina Kiriazi

Growing up on stories of her parents’ years in Italy, Marina developed a love for all things Italian at a very early age.  Her passion for traveling and fascination with Italy’s history, culture, countryside and food has taken her back many times over the past years. Each trip is a new adventure which fuels her enthusiasm for sharing her personal insight and helping others create their own unique and memorable experience in Italy.

Position: Senior Manager, Sales and Client Services
I am From: Atlanta, Georgia USA
Education: BS in Communications with Marketing Minor, WCU
Awards: Travel Agent Magazine's Top 35Under30 Agents 2011
Interests: Travel Novels, History, Italian Wine, Trains, Medieval and Renaissance Architecture, Gelato, Outdoor Adventure

Faye Mantzari

Faye has a special connection with Italy, being able to trace her family's heritage to the beautiful village of Caserta. From the first time she stepped foot in Rome, and each trip following, she always has this feeling that she is coming home. Now at Travelive she has the opportunity to share her experiences and create long lasting memories for everyone who visits this amazing and beautiful country.

Position: Manager, Sales and Client Services
I am From: Montreal, Quebec Canada
Education: S.T.E Tourism School, Athens, Greece
Interests: Traveling, Reading historical fiction novels, Italian food and wine, Theatre and movies, Archaeological

John Grigoras

Italy has always been an enchanting destination for John.  Since learning about the Roman Civilization in grade school, John always imagined visiting the country where all roads lead to.  At Travelive, John helps to plan wonderful trips to this country of rich history, beautiful people, contrasting landscapes, and tremendous cuisine!  He delights in creating experiences such as revisiting the steps where the Grandmasters of the arts walked, hiding away in the wine making countryside of Tuscany, and enjoying a mouth-watering pizza in Rome and a savory gelato in Capri Town!

Position: Manager, Sales and Client Services
I am From: Easton, Pennsylvania
Education: B.S. Marketing and International Business, Penn State University
Interests: Sightseeing - Historic Palaces, Tasting - Hand Made Pasta, Experiencing – Authentic Grade A Italian Espresso!

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